New Leadership for West Des Moines


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I'm running because we need responsive and dedicated leadership in this district. I'll fight for strong public education, protecting our environment and for sensible economic development that includes the district's small business owners in the mix.

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I can't do this alone! Friends and neighbors are invited to join me in the campaign and to let them know that they have a real choice in candidates on election day. Will you help?

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Door Knocking Stories

I'm out in the district several days per week listening to our neighbors' concerns and asking them for their vote. I meet some pretty memorable people and tell their stories here.

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While door knocking, I’ve experienced a phenomena that I’ll call “mansplaining.” It may shock some of my fearless female friends and their proudly feminist husbands and partners to know…there are quite a few men I’ve met who try to filter and control what their spouses and girlfriends hear about politics. Here’s my favorite story. As […]

Six votes in one stop – listening works!

Sunday was overcast and relatively cool for an Iowa mid-summer day. Valley Junction was on my radar again. The first house was a door-knocking trifecta. 1. No-party registered voter (“Independent”) who agreed to vote for me. 2. Filled out an absentee ballot request. 3. Lives on a heavily-traveled street and agreed to allow me to […]

Giving a helping hand

Yesterday, I was out door knocking from about 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. There were so many uplifting conversations that is was hard to pick one to share with you. Rick’s story was a combination of tough and uplifting so I’ll share his. I changed his name to protect his identity. My walking list told […]